IdeaStudio Services was established in 2009 to provide extended services to corporation in event management and functions.With the collaborated experience and talents from different yet related backgrounds.

IdeaStudio Services is envisioned to assist organizations in events planning, management and premiums products.

With one common aim, which is to ensure customers’ satisfaction and loyalty, we have combined our skills and knowledge from our respective fields to offer the BEST and UNIQUE approach and strategy for our customers’ various requirements and needs.



It is our mission to add values, either conventional or high-tech, to our customers’ needs and requirements by providing reliable and practical advice while working out the necessary plans for successfully managing the customers’ events and special functions.

We also aspire to be focused in everything that we do, thus the need to have a selective clientele base. This is the strategy adopted by us at IdeaStudio Services to continuously attain the customer’s endorsement and appreciation for job well done.